Moscow Death Brigade

MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE is a hardcore rap band from Moscow, Russia, making angry and uncompromising music for those who prefer to think with their own head and don’t wanna get manipulated by the authorities, mass media propaganda, political correctness and the opinion of the brainwashed majority.

In MDB lyrics you won’t find any rants about the “clubs, drugs, bitches, fresh sneakers and being the original gangster”. Instead MDB tells stories straight from their own reality – the reality of modern Russia with its raging poverty, corruption, extreme police brutality, child drug-addiction and bloody race and ethnic conflicts. A reality where the Neo-Nazi hordes murder people in the broad day light and still got the support from the government. A reality where a hardcore or hip-hop gig may end up in a brutal attack of the police or their fascist puppets. A reality where it’s hard to survive and even harder to remain true to yourself.

The members of Moscow Death Brigade not only voice their opinion about the problems of their society and present an example of solidarity in struggle against the common enemies.

They also take part in numerous actions and social initiatives such as Anti-Racist direct action, Food Not Bombs, actions against police brutality and state oppression. As a band they organize and take part in a numerous benefit shows in support of political prisoners, Anti-Fascist and ecological activists etc.

Moscow Death Brigade was started by the members of several Russian punk and hardcore formations. Among the bands they used to play or still play are such as Razor Bois, George Harrison, Frank Castle Gonna Break Your Neck!, What We Feel etc.

MDB gigs on the territory of the former USSR are usually accompanied by the visits of riot cops, bomb threats from Nazis and other fun stuff.

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