AK-47-Canada new cd


Five years in the making (due to line up changes, babies and other major life changes) this is the absolute distillation of what we’ve been attempting to do as a band for the last 10 years.

24 songs in 22 minutes played with passion and sheer naked aggression. Written with violence and intention.

CDcomes in a cardboard digi-pack with all lyrics included.

$7.00 postage paid.

“AK47” (2010)
Format: CD
Released: Januaryy, 2010.
Recorded by: David Carswell
Produced by: David Carswell & Rob

Track Listing

1. You’ve Got Nothing
2. New Orlean
3. They Killed Radio Raheem
4. Burn The Motherfucker
5. Dalai Liar
6. Fuck Racism, Fuck Skrewdriver And
4444 Fuck You Too
7. I Regret Nothing
8. Your Parents Failed
9. Not Enough
10. January 29th
11. Love To Hate
12. I Feel Something Break Inside
13. Freedom
14. Guantanamo
15. I Don’t Give A Fuck
16. Burn It Down
17. Death In A Free Land
18. The Luxury Of Faith
19. A Hundred Battles
20. Prachunda
21. You’d Better Watch Your Fucking Mouth
22. Fuck You, You’re Dead
23. Ever Wanted To Curb Stomp Your Fucking 4444Boss?
24. One Step Away

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